Entrepreneur Signs Off on Smart Drugs

Entrepreneur Signs Off on Smart Drugs and Disregards the List A disturbing trend among some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs involves them experimenting with drug cocktails in an attempt to enhance their brainpower, thereby creating more business opportunities in theory. Bio-Hacking Explained The so-called “smart drugs” are part of the concept of bio-hacking, which is based on Continue Reading

Clinton Foundation To Help Make Naloxone More Affordable

Anti-Overdose Medication Naloxone, Made Affordable by Clinton Foundation In recent years, death via drug overdose has become a leading cause of death in the United States. In 2013 alone, over 40,000 drug overdose deaths were reported, 16,000 of which were attributed to opioid overdoses. Naloxone, an anti-overdose drug that is often called the “overdose antidote,” Continue Reading

The Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When Does Recreational Drug and Alcohol Use Become Drug and Alcohol Abuse? Many people drink and use heavily on occasion. Others drink and drug regularly, but not to excess. Still others drink and drug regularly and heavily with no ill effects. It can be difficult to determine when substance use becomes drug and alcohol abuse. Continue Reading

Meth Filled Drone Crashes in Tijuana

Meth Filled Drone Crashes on the Way to California Drug dealers have been finding new ways to deliver and hide their illegal activity for decades. A meth filled drone is the newest method for delivering some of those drugs, but the plan did not work out exactly as planned. Mexican police officials said that a Continue Reading

Alcohol Effects Sleep in A Negative Way

New Research Shows Alcohol Effects Sleep Negatively Most people subscribe to the idea that a nightcap before bed helps relax the body and mind, thus promoting a good nights rest. Recent studies on how alcohol effects sleep are proving that this may not always be the case. What researchers are finding is that consuming alcohol before Continue Reading