Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Driving Under the Influence

Heather Cook, Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Driving Under the Influence Heather Cook was indicted earlier this month on 13 charges. These chargers include the death of a Baltimore bicyclist, homicide, drunk driving, texting while driving and fleeing the scene of an accident. Headlines everywhere having been stating this shocking news as, “Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Continue Reading

Marijuana Abuse is A Danger

Marijuana Abuse is More Dangerous Then We Thought The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic button as of late. While marijuana remains illegal under federal law; four U.S. states (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska) have decriminalized the recreational use of the drug. The problem is that marijuana abuse is becoming more dangerous then Continue Reading

What Are the Dangers of Maternal Pot Use

Maternal Pot Use is a Danger Regardless of the Legalization Common sense may tell any expectant mother that maternal pot use during a pregnancy is not a good decision. It is a general assumption that any chemical introduced into an expectant mother’s body during the developmental stage of the fetus could have some effect, regardless Continue Reading

Lance Armstrong Car Accident While Intoxicated

Lance Armstrong Car Accident While Intoxicated, Hit Two Parked Cars Reports keep coming out in the ever-changing story of the hit-and-run involving two parked cars, Lance Armstrong, his girlfriend Anna Hansen, and a handful of lies. In the Lance Armstrong car accident while intoxicated story, what really happened? Who was actually driving the car, and how many Continue Reading

Parents Leave Kids in Car During Wine Tasting

Parents Leave Kids in Car During Wine Tasting on a Cold Winter Day A Washington, D.C. couple was arrested on Saturday, January 31 for leaving their small children in a locked, unattended car for approximately an hour while they attended a nearby wine tasting. This has led to headlines reading “Parents leave kids in car Continue Reading