The Best Ways to Afford Rehab

There are ways to go about getting affordable rehabMaking the decision to recover from substance abuse or helping a loved one who has decided to enter a treatment program can be the first step toward a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. The biggest concern that may arise is how to pay for rehab so that it is possible to start working on recovery. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you or your loved one afford treatment.

Talk to an Insurance Provider

Help Guide recommends that you talk to your health insurance provider before you assume that you cannot afford treatment. Some insurance companies will pay for all or most of the treatment as long as the facility is within the network or meets certain criteria.Find out if your insurer will pay for your treatment or will pay for part of the cost. Every insurance company is different, so you may or may not have coverage for addiction treatment. In many cases, insurance providers will cover up to a certain number of days in an in-patient program.You may need to pay a percentage of treatment, but insurance providers can cover a large portion of the cost.

Ask About a Payment Plan

A payment plan is sometimes available if you meet appropriate income requirements. The payment plan is usually offered by a treatment facility, so you will need to contact the rehab facility to ask about setting up a payment plan.

Ask About a Sliding Scale

A sliding scale often applies to individuals who meet certain income requirements. If you fall below a certain income level on a per-year basis, then you may qualify for a sliding scale.Sliding scales describe a process of setting the price for treatment based on the income of the individual. The lower your income level, the less you pay for treatment. It is an affordable way to cut back on the cost of treatment.

Look for Free or Partial Free Services

Rehab programs are not always expensive. Some facilities offer free or partially free treatment services for individuals who are struggling to pay for treatment or who fall into a certain income bracket.Free treatments are often out-patient treatments, so you may need to evaluate the program before you assume that it is appropriate for your needs. A partial free program may or may not have in-patient services available to address substance abuse.

Professional Treatment Works

Drug or alcohol rehab can seem very expensive, especially if you are looking at treatment options for your needs or a loved one for the first time. Fortunately, solutions are available to help cut the cost so that you can seek treatment without worrying about the cost. Professional treatment is helpful when you or your loved one wants to recover from substance abuse and solutions are available to make treatment affordable.

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But how does one go about finding the right program?

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