Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Treatment Programs Over Outpatient OptionsIf you have acknowledged that you have a substance abuse problem but don’t believe it is too serious, you may be tempted to try the least intensive program you can find. Something that can be molded around your work schedule or family life in a convenient way that allows you to keep living normally without too much change in your schedule and routine while—in theory—getting yourself clean.

For some people, these kinds of outpatient drug treatment programs work successfully. They attend treatment on nights and/or weekends and, with the teachings and counseling services they receive, are able to eliminate drugs from their lives and get back on a healthy track. Others, however, don’t fare quite so well. Those who know they’ll need more disciplined treatment and support may want to look into more intensive inpatient drug treatment programs in order to kick their habit for good.Trying an outpatient program and failing to achieve long-term recovery and sobriety is not the optimal way to “discover” that you would be better of trying inpatient drug treatment programs, so here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if you might be better suited for an inpatient drug treatment program.

Do you have trouble resisting social pressure

Many addicts in outpatient programs continue seeing friends and engaging in the same types of entertainment that led to their addiction and that they enjoyed before their treatment began. If you are put in a situation where people are drinking or doing drugs, will you be able to resist? What if your friends encourage you to join them rather than supporting you? People who choose inpatient drug treatment programs don’t have this problem because they live in a facility away from the temptations of the world while they learn how to rid themselves of their destructive habit.

Is your daily life one of high stress and high anxiety?

It may sound nice to be able to kick your addiction while not having to put your life on hold, but for many, “life” is part of what lead to their problem in the first place. Way too many of us turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with stress or to forget or cope with day-to-day problems, and it’s no different for addicts—except that in the case of addicts, it is much harder to resist. Inpatient drug treatment programs tend to put an emphasis on providing a safe haven for patients to temporarily leave their worldly cares behind and relax so that they can focus solely on beating their addiction.

Is your willpower not as strong as you would like when it comes to drugs?

An outpatient program means that you’re participating in normal daily activities, living at home, but going through treatment at specified times. Even without friends or stressful situations pushing you toward using, the substance you crave is available if you want it. Some people can’t deal with that reality early in their rehab and need the safety that inpatient drug treatment programs provide to avoid temptation of turning to drugs. So now you know the benefits of inpatient drug treatment programs over outpatient options.


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