Bath Salts and Teenagers

Bath Salts and TeenagersBath salts are the newest designer drug trend that has become increasingly popular with teenagers over the last decade. The drugs are not related to the cosmetic salts that people use to sooth themselves during a bath, as products such as Epsom salts do not have any drug-related effects when consumed (National Institutes of Health).Bath salts are a slang term used to describe a family of synthetic drugs that contain an active ingredient similar to cathinones—the chemical found in stimulant drugs such as cocaine. Not surprisingly, the synthetic salts also have effects similar to cocaine and methamphetamine.

Why are bath salts and teenagers so inextricably linked?

They have become an alarming drug trend because the salts are sold under the guise of cosmetic bath-time aids and can be difficult to spot. This new trend of drug use can be a parent’s worst nightmare because they are under-the-radar and still relatively unknown (National Institutes of Health).

Bath Salts and Teenagers: How to Recognize Their Use

Bath salts are sold in small foil or plastic packages and are usually labeled as “plant food” and may have a warning which says “not for human consumption.” The drugs have a deceptively innocent packaging to go along with its unassuming name, but are illegal in the United States and contain chemicals banned by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).There are a multitude of signs and symptoms associated with bath salts use, many of which can be harmful and life threatening. If you suspect that your teenager or another loved one is consuming bath salts, a few symptoms you might look for are:
  • Extreme Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Violent Behavior
  • Chest Pains
  • Seizures
These symptoms can last for two to three days, and some users have required long-term psychiatric care because their symptoms never go away. ( Read more about the treatment of Bath Salts abuse

Bath Salts and Teenagers: Slang Names

The bath salts go by a variety of slang names which are usually inconspicuous. A few of these terms are: Ivory Wave, Lunar Wave, White Lightning, Scarface, Vanilla Sky, Plant Food, Mad Cow, Cloud Nine, and Bloom.Teenagers use of bath salts continues to be a growing concern for parents, as more and more high school students experiment with different kinds of substances. According to the National institute on Drug Abuse, nearly 12 percent of high school seniors have tried synthetic pot, and another five percent have tried hallucinogens.The unfortunate truth is that teenagers in the United States have access to drugs, and they need to be educated about the incredibly harmful effects of synthetic drugs such as bath salts.

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