Bath Salt Abuse

Bath Salt AbuseAs the use of bath salts grow in popularity, so does the need for treatment of bath salt abuse.Despite its name, the drug isn’t actually related to the bath salts that you may use when bathing. Instead, these are narcotics sold in convenience stores, head-shops, and online – often legally. Occasionally, they are even labeled as plant food. Brand names that they may be sold as include:

  • Bliss
  • Ivory Wave
  • Purple Wave
  • Red Dove
  • White Dove
  • Blue Silk
  • Snow Leopard
  • Zoom

The fact that they can often be legally obtained is part of their appeal, but just because they are sometimes legally sold doesn’t mean that they are safe. In fact, they have serious side effects and can even cause death. That’s why the treatment of bath salt abuse is so important. Unfortunately, it’s not easy.

Challenges in Treatment of Bath Salt Abuse

What makes treatment of bath salt abuse particularly difficult is that the manufacturers are constantly changing the formula. They change the chemical combination as the last one becomes illegal, allowing them to still result in usage that is technically legal.These changes to the formula mean that often doctors don’t know exactly what they are dealing with. One patient who is using bath salts may have taken a very different substance from another patient who is also on bath salts. This creates a unique challenge for rehab and treatment centers.

The changing formula also makes it hard to develop tests for the drug. Most commonly used drug tests are not able to detect it. This also has an effect on the treatment of bath salt abuse since part of most rehab programs involves regular testing to ensure that the addict isn’t using again.For this reason, it’s important to find a bath salt treatment facility that has experience detecting the drug, often involving more detailed laboratory testing. Read more at: Read more about Bath Salts and their popularity among teens


Medical Treatment for Bath Salts

The other major challenge is that not all doctors have experience with treating bath salt toxicity since the drugs are also relatively new, appearing for the first time in Europe in 2006. Unfortunately, bath salt abuse can have serious consequences.

In fact, a recent study recommended that vitals be checked every 30 minutes until the patient is stable, and that they should be treated with the same level of caution (if not more) than patients who are not drug users but experience cardiac chest pain due to the risk of heart attack or stroke.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to these dangerous and illusive substances, it’s crucial that you look specifically for bath salt treatment facilities since these will be the best equipped to handle the unique challenges of the drug.

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