Amazon Plan Delivers Drugs Through Drone

Amazon Plan Delivers Drugs Through DroneThe New Amazon Plan Delivers Drugs Through Drone has been on the cutting edge of business for years now. They have become and retained the title of number one online business retailer for quite a few years running. We are now able to order items and have them in our hands the next day, or if you are close enough within hours of placing an order. What could be next for them?Amazon plan delivers drugs through drone. You read that correctly. Soon enough, if Amazon gets their way, you will be able to receive your prescription drugs via a drone delivery service. While this at first glance seems like a well thought out plan, let’s look at what the negative side of the Amazon plan delivers drugs through drone could be.

Firstly, the delivery of prescription drugs or any other Amazon products for that matter via a drone delivery service eliminates jobs. It is safe to say that the world’s leading online retailer makes many deliveries, thus employing many drivers and package handlers. Using a drone to deliver products rather than a human would be eliminating many package handlers’ positions in one fell swoop, increasing the number of layoffs and the unemployed. Secondly, weather plays a huge factor in the drones ability to fly. Bad weather means the drones stay grounded, a point that was proven in Germany when they attempted to deliver drugs via drone and two of ten flights were grounded due to weather. This would cost both time and money for Amazon.

The last and what would be the most important factor is that there is not much regulatory control once the package has left the warehouse. Drugs, illegal ones that is, have been delivered by drones before. Cartels have used drones to ship drugs right past the authorities. Whose to say that this doesn’t happen again on a more grand scale? What about drones who are delivering legal prescription drugs, but they get into the wrong hands? Who would be checking and regulating who is signing for packages or that they ended up in the right place for starters? What happens if the package gets delivered to the wrong address? Who would be liable? This liability could prove very costly to Amazon in the long run.

So the Amazon plan delivers drugs through drone may not seem like that good of an idea in looking at some of these factors. If the thought of hundreds of people possibly losing their jobs isn’t enough to rethink this idea, then maybe the potential for narcotics to get into the hands of the wrong people using these drones will be. If Amazon gets it’s act together, gets federal approval, and gets the technology part in working order then the Amazon Plan delivers drugs through drone could be the way of the future. Let’s hope that they have plenty of time to think of every possibility and every worst case scenario before that plan is set in motion. The potential for this to go wrong is a great one.

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