Alcoholism Shortens Life An Average 7.6 Years

Alcoholism is a leading factor that Shortens your LifeAlcoholism Shortens Life And Leads To More Illnesses

Alcoholism is a dangerous avenue to venture into. It ruins your life, relationships with other people, and your health. Not only does it ruin your life, alcoholism shortens life on an average of 7.6 years. A study was preformed on patients hospitalized with and without alcoholism. These hospital patients were from various general hospitals in Manchester, England. This study found many interesting points that lead to the fact that alcoholism shortens life expectancies, and does not just destroys your lifestyle and health.

This long term study was conducted over a period of 12.5 years. The researchers involved in this case analyzed the physical illnesses of 23,371 hospital patients with alcoholism. The researchers then compared their findings with those of a control group of 233,710 randomly selected patients that did not suffer from alcoholism. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heun from the Royal Derby Hospital in England stated, “During the observation period, approximately one out of five hospital patients with alcoholism died in one of the hospitals, while only one out of twelve patients in the control group died.” That is more than double the amount of deaths of people that suffer from alcoholism.

Why is their such a difference between alcoholics and non-alcoholics? Why does alcoholism shorten life expectancies on an average of 7.6 years? Health complications as a lot to do with these numbers and findings. Alcohol is after all a poison you are ingesting into your system. This study found that there are at least 27 related illnesses that occur more frequently with alcoholism.

The alcohol enters the body and goes through many processes when it is in the body. This is were all of the damage happens; the liver, the pancreas, the airways, the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system are all effected by drinking alcohol. Another factor to consider is that alcoholics will usually not admit they have health problems and will put off going to a doctor until it is a life or death situation. Reduced pain sensations and perception disorders also make diagnosing someone with alcoholism very difficult for doctors. “Patients with addiction problems are often admitted to hospitals as emergency cases. At the time of diagnosis, priority is then given to the acute symptoms, this may contribute to the fact that not all physical illnesses are recorded,” stated Dr. Dieter Schoepf from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University of Bonn Hospital.

Dr. Dieter Schoepf also stated, “The results indeed relate to general hospitals in Manchester, however they are representative because of the large numbers of random samples and can therefore be transferred to other general hospitals in other countries.” Surveying almost 300,000 patients over a 12.5 year span is a very daunting task, but it was completed and the findings help to shed light on a very serious issue. Alcoholism does not just effect the present, it also effects your future. If you or a loved one needs assistant, please contact us now.

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