What to Ask When Selecting an Effective Alcohol Treatment Center

What to Ask When Selecting an Effective Alcohol Treatment CenterWhen you make the decision to go into rehab or your family/friends help you begin a treatment program, it is important to find the most effective alcohol treatment center for you. After all, you don’t want to end up in a place that doesn’t fit your needs or you can end up wasting time and money – and it may not provide the support that you need to overcome your addiction.

But how can you know what kind of program you need and whether a specific place will be a “fit” for you? Simple – ask them!Below you’ll find a list of common questions that you should ask when calling alcohol rehab clinics or using addiction placement services. Armed with these, you’re sure to find an effective alcohol treatment center.

Can you describe your treatment program

This is kind of a trick question. Ideally, you want someone to tell you that their “program” is different for every person, because the most effective alcohol treatment centers have programs developed around each person’s individual problems. But, it’s important to take note of the options, treatment plans and formats that they offer.

What is your detox process like?

Alcohol detoxification can be a physical and emotional hurdle, but some treatment centers make it more comfortable than others. You’ll want to ensure that the rehab facility you choose not only has medical doctors to keep you physically safe, but also trained addiction therapists to counsel you through it.

What kind of counseling or therapy do you offer?

An effective alcohol treatment center should provide you with a mixture and option of group and one-on-one therapy that includes learning coping skills and behavioral education to avoid relapse.

Do you offer dual diagnosis treatment?

If you believe that your alcoholism may be related to psychological issues you also struggle with, it’s vital that you seek out facilities with dual diagnosis treatment. This means that they’ll not only help you with your addiction, but also treat the emotional problems at the same time. Otherwise, it’s like alleviating the symptoms without dealing with the cause or treating one problem that is related to another.


How long does your program last?

You’re likely to get quite a few answers for this one, since many of the most effective alcohol treatment centers offer several options to patients. Since countless studies have shown that treatment that lasts longer is more effective, look for one that offers longer-term programs – 90 days or more is usually recommended for long-term success, but depending on the severity of your addiction, it could take much longer.

What after-care treatment do you offer?

If possible, you should seek out programs that provide after-care in the form of support groups and outreach counselors that check in on your progress periodically once the main program has finished. The longer people are “managed,” the better they do in their recovery. Now you know what to ask when selecting an effective alcohol treatment center?  If you still need help with what to ask when selecting an effective alcohol treatment center, please feel free to call us.

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But how does one go about finding the right program?

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