Alcoholics Anonymous

alcoholics anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous is a gathering of men and women who share the same problem, alcoholism. These people over drinking have created many more problems within their life. They may have tried numerous times to stop on their own, but they have been unsuccessful. By coming together they gain support in overcoming their addiction. The group uses hope and strength to succeed in recovery.

The only requirement to become a member of AA is a wish to stop drinking. It costs nothing. They operate on contributions from within their organization so that they have no controversial connections to political or religious groups. The focus is solely aimed at recovering from alcoholism.

Who is This Group For?

The AA is for anyone who feels like giving up when it comes to the subject of not drinking. It is actually an illness, and many cannot handle it alone. By joining the group they will receive support and advice from others in similar situations. They discover that others out there also feel lonely, hopeless, and guilty while struggling with this illness. These feelings are a result of the disease itself.

AA brings someone with this problem into a group that doesn’t criticize or get angry with them. Instead, they can share stories, helpful ideas, and triumphs, along with the occasional slip ups. The fellowship can support each other in the effort to continue in their recovery.


How Did Alcoholics Anonymous Originate?

The AA has been in existence for over 76 years with two million members from 115,000 groups throughout the world. Over half of the fellowship is in the United States. It was started by Bill Wilson and Bob Smith, a business man and a doctor from Akron Ohio. They had successfully overcome their own drinking problems and wanted to share how they accomplished it. They wrote what was originally referred to as the “Big Book.” In it they described a 12 step program that they developed to help one stop drinking. Officially the book was named Alcoholics Anonymous, and soon the group of the same name came to be.

What to Expect in Alcoholics Anonymous

In the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings one can expect a support group unlike any other. Members can share their stories, both good and bad, in order to learn from them and help one another. The group celebrates each individual’s triumphs on their path to recovery. The 12 step program from the book is discussed in detail so that each person can work their way through it one step at a time. One not only learns to stop drinking, but to correct problems in their character and lifestyle that contribute to the illness.

Everything within the meeting is accomplished without the help of doctors, therapists, or psychologists. Members may seek the help of professionals on their own in addition to going to the meetings. The Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship offers a stress free environment away from such professionals where members can come together for needed support.

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