Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox

Since the use of alcohol is glamorized in our culture and available nearly everywhere, it may be hard to believe something that seems so innocuous is, in reality, so dangerous. Many recognize the danger of becoming an alcoholic, but most do not realize how physically devastating to the system alcohol really is. Alcohol is so toxic, damaging nearly all organ systems in the human body, that it is considered to be more dangerous overall than even heroin or crack cocaine.

Withdrawal from these drugs may be brutal, but alcohol withdrawal can be fatal if in the later stages of alcoholism and it is important to understand what is . Armed with this knowledge, it is imperative that one goes to an alcohol detox, with medical supervision, to safely withdraw and begin the healing process.  

In the pioneering days of Alcoholics Anonymous, even the old drunks would stay by the side of their detoxing prospect with bottle in hand – doling out small doses to stave off convulsions and the delirium tremens, weaning him off the booze slowly. Modern  centers use drugs and monitoring to ensure the alcoholic’s safety comes first. While people enter treatment earlier and earlier as more is known about addictions, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to decide who would be at the highest risk while detoxing. One should never take a chance with this life and death decision.

Antabuse, a drug used commonly in , works by blocking the enzyme that alcoholic breaks down to in our system – acetaldehyde. This chemical is responsible for the awful hangovers or the vomiting that may happen when one indulges too much. Perhaps that nausea is the body’s way of rejecting the toxin, which is a distant relative of formaldehyde. Most, however, ignore the body’s initial response to the toxin and go on to develop a tolerance enabling one to drink more and more without getting sick. Going to an alcohol detox is the best way to ensure one’s safety while battling this addiction.Read more:  (And its )

To find out more about and what options are available to you or your loved one, reaching out to a qualified professional will open the door towards making an informed decision on which alcohol detox treatment is right for you.


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