How to Recognize Symptoms of Alcoholism

symptoms of alcoholism

Are you an alcoholic? How do you know?

Chances are, if you’re worried about whether or not you’re an alcoholic, there’s a problem with your drinking that needs to be solved. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an alcoholic, but you may be headed down that path if you don’t work on improving your behavior quickly by getting treatment.

Still, if you’re truly worried but not ready to seek out help, one quick test is to see if you’re having any of the major symptoms of alcoholism .

Common Symptoms of Alcoholism

The common thread among the main symptoms of alcoholism is a loss of control. You start feeling things you wouldn’t have felt before and acting in ways that are contrary to your typical behavior.

Increased tolerance

Many people see an increase in alcohol tolerance as something to celebrate. They can “hold their liquor” or “drink people under the table.” Unfortunately, if you have to keep drinking more and more in order to feel the effects of alcohol, it’s one of the first warning signs for alcoholism.Read more:

You give up other things to drink

When drinking becomes more important to you than going to work, hanging out with your family and friends, or doing activities or hobbies that you love, it’s a big sign that there’s a major problem.

Inability to stop

Have you ever gone out with friends, intended to just have one drink, then woke up the next morning shocked to have a horrible hangover? Or maybe you promise your spouse or children that you’re going to quit drinking but you find yourself unable to do so? There’s a reason alcoholism is categorized as an addiction. Once you’ve reached a certain point, it can be physically difficult to quit.


You experience withdrawal

What do we mean by withdrawal? Everything from insomnia and irritability to depression, headaches, sweating, anxiousness, and shaking may occur when you’re not drinking, which indicates a dependence on it. Heavy drinking causes your body to become so accustomed to the alcohol that not having it actually makes you suffer.

If you recognize even a few of these symptoms of alcoholism in your own behavior, it’s vital that you seek treatment as soon as possible.

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