5 Ways Those Suffering From Addiction Hide It

hiding alcohol is a way for alcoholic to hide their addiction from othersIdentifying a loved one who is abusing drugs or alcohol can be challenging, especially if your loved ones are still handling their personal responsibilities. If you are concerned that a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, then you may need to identify the way that your loved one may be hiding their substance use and abuse.
  1.  Hidden Substances Throughout the House

    A red flag that you may notice is that drugs or alcohol are hidden in unlikely locations. That six-pack of beer that is hidden behind the cleaning products or the bottle of pills that is tucked away in a jewelry box may be a sign that a loved one is using drugs or alcohol in excess.Whether the substance is illegal or legal, it is a concern when your loved ones are hiding the substances in odd locations. That can signal a problem that you may not have noticed previously.

  2.  Disappearing at Odd Times

    Substance abuse does not always take place in your home or in the house of a loved one. Your loved one may say that he or she is stopping at the store for milk or make a similar excuse and then disappear for an hour or more. During that period of time when he or she has disappeared, the substance is obtained and used so that you will not find drugs or alcohol in the house.

  3.  Items Disappearing from the House

    It is normal to lose one or two small items by misplacing it or putting it away in the wrong location, but it is not normal when you notice several small items have suddenly started disappearing. Drug and alcohol use is an expensive problem. A loved one may steal items that you would normally overlook rather than directly stealing money or writing a check, which you might catch within a short period of time. Those items are then sold to a pawn shop to pay for substance abuse outside the home.

  4. Keeping the Body Trim and Hygienic

    A sign of substance abuse that is often noticed is a lack of general hygiene, particularly in the case of certain illegal substances. When a loved one is attempting to hide substance abuse, he or she may focus on maintaining good hygiene and hiding unpleasant smells with alcohol-based mouthwash, mints or even alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

  5.  Visiting Open Houses to Steal Prescriptions

    Regularly visiting the bathroom every time a loved one visits someone’s house may be a sign of substance abuse. It is particularly worrisome if a loved one regularly attends open houses without any plans to purchase a house and disappears into all of the bathrooms for long periods of time.

It May Be Time to Get Professional Advice

Substance abuse is not always easy to spot. Some of the common signs of drug or alcohol use may not always apply to your loved ones, but it is possible to spot some of the attempts to hide drug or alcohol abuse. When you suspect that a loved one is hiding an addiction, it may be time to seek professional assistance.

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