The 5 Most Popular Drugs in The US

mixing drugs and alcohol is more dangerous than taking one over the otherDrug addiction and abuse affects millions of Americans. With a variety of different drugs now available to use and abuse, many find themselves addicted and in need of professional treatment. While different drugs rise and falls in terms of use and popularity each year, these five are some of the most popular in the U.S. at this time:
  1. Alcohol

    Since alcohol is a legal drug and is so readily available, alcohol abuse has become all too common. Alcohol abuse is characterized by having issues at work, in relationships or with the law due to excessive drinking. The user may even put themselves or others in physical danger by drinking and driving. They demonstrate an inability to stop drinking, and their health, finances and personal life suffer because of their dependence. Unfortunately, millions people in the U.S. are affected by alcohol dependence and abuse issues

  2. Prescription Painkillers

    Prescription painkillers such as opioids help to ease physical pain and can provide comfort and relief while healing from an injury. However, a troubling number of people in the U.S. have been falling victim to the extremely addictive allure of prescription drugs. Opioid painkillers are in effect a form of heroin, so they can be highly addictive when abused. Prescription drug overdoses have now replaced auto accidents as the top cause of early or accidental death in the U.S.

  3. Heroin

    Heroin is an illegal drug that is highly addictive. Like opium and morphine, heroin is made of resin from the poppy plant. With prescription drugs like oxycodone now more difficult to procure, an alarming number of people are instead turning to heroin. Another factor in the acceleration of heroin use is the fact that its price has dropped significantly in recent years. With the drug more accessible and its potency higher than ever, heroin’s popularity continues to soar.

  4. Ecstasy (MDMA)

    Ecstasy, or “E,” remains one of the most popular recreational drugs on the dance, club and party circuit. It gives a feeling of euphoria and well-being, but over time damages the cells in the brain that produce serotonin. What many users don’t know is that ecstasy pills can also contain other chemicals besides its main component, MDMA. Far too many users of ecstasy aren’t quite sure what exactly is in the pill they’re taking.

  5. Inhalants

    Because they are legal and often readily accessible around the home, teenagers have begun sniffing (also known as “huffing”) specific chemicals and household items as a means of getting high. All too often, these young people see “huffing” as a harmless game; however, just one bad experiment with an inhalant can result in brain damage or death.

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