5 Myths About Alcoholism

There are 5 Myths About Alcoholism that everyone needs to understand5 Myths About Alcoholism That May Help Out Many People

Many myths about alcoholism abound, and it seems that their purpose is to keep people from admitting that they have a drinking problem. If you have heard any of the five myths about alcoholism from a loved one, you may have someone who would benefit from a good alcohol rehabilitation program.

Myth #1: If you only engage in binge drinking on the weekends, you are not an alcoholic.Some alcoholics can function normally throughout the week when they are not drinking. This causes them to believe that they do not abuse alcohol because they are making a choice to stop drinking for five days out of the week. This is incorrect reasoning.The term “binge drinking” means that someone is consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time, but this is very unhealthy. If this particular person asked a medical professional, he might be told that he is abusing alcohol. He may even be diagnosed with alcoholism if he drinks because he wishes to avoid unpleasant thoughts or feelings. Then, he can develop an emotional and/or physical dependence on alcohol, and this is exactly what it means to be an alcoholic.

Myth #2: “I can stop anytime I want to.”Many people who became residents of rehabilitation centers have repeated the line from above several times. The fact is that these people didn’t know whether or not they could stop drinking because they weren’t trying at that moment. The belief that they could refrain gave them an excuse to continue drinking.

Myth #3: Excessive drinking only hurts the drinker.Excessive drinking does damage the person who is engaging in the activity, but this is precisely the reason that other people get hurt. Alcoholics create many unpleasant scenarios that affect other people. For example, some people feel obligated to support their alcoholic friends and relatives by paying their rent, buying groceries and bailing them out of jail on occasion. This can strain relationships to the point where these friends and relatives refuse to have anything to do with the alcoholic. The truth is that friends and families care about relatives who have serious problems with alcohol, and they are being hurt just as much as the drinker.

Myth #4: Alcoholics lack will power.Sometimes, people believe that it takes will power to stop an activity that is harmful, but this is not true for someone who is addicted. After a person drinks to excess for several years, his or her body becomes accustomed to receiving alcohol. If the drinker decides not to imbibe one day, his or her body will initiate unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that can only be relieved by drinking again. Under these circumstances, an alcoholic needs to enter a detoxification program to remove the toxins that alcohol left behind. Then, it is wise to enter into a rehabilitation program where alcoholics learn to cope with their illness.

Myth #5: Alcoholics are always drunk.Because alcoholics develop a tolerance for alcohol, they will not necessarily appear to be drunk. They need to consume greater amounts of alcohol before they begin to show outward signs of intoxication.

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