5 Benefits to Stop Drinking

There are five main reasons why it will benefit you to Stop DrinkingBenefits to Stop Drinking: Five Reasons Why Now Might Be the Time to Quit Drinking

Responsible adults enjoy alcohol for various reasons, but drinking isn’t right for everyone. You may simply feel unsuited to the culture, or you could have deeper, health-related concerns; in either case, making the decision to stop drinking can be a huge life choice. To motivate you, we’ve compiled a list of potential advantages. While everyone’s experience varies, these common benefits to stop drinking may just help you take a positive step forward.
  • 1. Potential Health Improvements We’ve all heard the news that comes out every few months claiming moderate drinking has some health benefits. Whether it’s the idea that a daily glass of wine extends your life or some other seemingly magical perk, in-depth analysis has proven time and again that such claims lack scientific merit.Although alcohol makers are quick to tout these supposed health advantages, drug scientists commonly refute them. Professor David Nutt, who chairs the U.K.’s Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, notes there’s no such thing as safe drinking; alcohol is a toxic substance that kills cells and vital microorganisms.
  • 2. Reduced Risk of Addiction Although many people try alcohol in limited quantities without ever becoming reliant on it, everyone has their own unique tolerance and predisposition to addiction. Those who drink increase the risk of developing physical dependencies on this drug, and such dependencies are known to promote abuse and other ill effects. Regardless whether you feel like you can control your alcohol intake, quitting makes it infinitely easier to avoid addiction and the detrimental behaviors that come along with it.
  • 3. Ability to Function at a Higher Level While moderate drinking isn’t usually a problem, it can easily carry over into abusive behaviors that cause other issues. For instance, those with abuse problems may feel they have to hide their drinking habits to avoid being shamed, and this can impact how they interact with people. Alcohol can be a major distraction, even if you don’t have a substance abuse problem. Moderating your drinking could make your life easier in general, especially if you’re a professional or busy student.
  • 4. Reduced Risk of Cancer Alcohol is known to raise people’s risk of cancer and related diseases. WebMD points to research suggesting that women who drink once a day have higher chances of rectal, throat, mouth, esophagus, liver, and breast cancer.
  • 5. Doing More with Your Money Regardless how you feel about alcohol’s social or health aspects, you can’t deny its financial side effects. Drinking at bars costs tons of money, and although drinking at home is a bit better, you’re still losing cash every time you take a drink. If you’re hurting financially, not drinking should be your first move.
No matter which of these benefits to stop drinking motivate you, successful abstinence depends on a good plan. Learn more about stopping your alcohol habit by reading our other blogs.Resources: [1]David Nutt. Mar. 7, 2011. “There is no such thing as a safe level of alcohol consumption.” The Guardian. Available from http://www.theguardian.com/science/2011/mar/07/safe-level-alcohol-consumption. [2]”Alcohol Addiction.” Addictions.com. Retrieved from http://www.addictions.com/alcohol/ [3]Doheny K., Chang L. “FAQ: Alcohol and Your Health.” WebMD. Available from http://www.webmd.com/cancer/features/faq-alcohol-and-your-health.

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