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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Apathy, Substance Abuse and Your Adolescent

A significant clue that could signal substance abuse is when your adolescent become apathetic. Teens that show signs who roots are grounded in apathy should be considered as potential drug and/or alcohol users.

How the Molecule CREB Helps Explain Addictive Behavior

Finding a way to turn off the effects of CREB in the nucleus accumbens may reset the brain’s reward pathway. This could be used to break the associations between drugs and reward in the person’s brain.

Most Commonly Used Drugs By Adolescents

Research shows that the earlier adolescents begin using drugs, the more serious, long-term consequences they may experience such as increased potential for life-long problems with addiction

3 Myths Associated with Adolescent Drug Behavior

You may think using drugs is okay because you have seen or heard about kids at your school or in your neighborhood who use them. It seems like everyone is doing it.