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Monthly Archives: March 2015

DEA Agents Had Sex Parties

DEA Agents Had Sex Parties Hired by Drug Cartels A report by the Inspector General of the Justice Department found that DEA agents had sex parties while stationed in Colombia with prostitutes provided by drug cartels. Since the release of the report, which found at least 10 agents involved, concerns have been raised about the Continue Reading

Alabama Halts Executions

Alabama Halts Executions Until Congress Approves Execution Process Alabama halts executions after an emergency motion from United States District Judge, W. Keith Watkins, who acted upon a 2011 lawsuit from death row inmate Tommy Arthur. Arthur was convicted of murdering Troy Wicker of Muscle Shoals in 1982. Arthur’s execution has been postponed six times. The Continue Reading

Student Dies After Playing Drinking Games

Drinking Games Are More Dangerous Than You Think, Student Dies After Drinking 25 Shots of Vodka Humberto Moura Fonseca, 23, attempted to drink 25 shots of vodka in under one minute for a drinking game. Instead of completing this “fun” drinking game, he collapsed and died on his way to the hospital. Humberto Moura Fonseca Continue Reading

Micheal Neeson Admits Mother's Death Spurred Drinking Problem

Son of Liam Neeson, Micheal Neeson, Copes With The Death of His Mother By Drinking and Doing Drugs In 2009, actress Natasha Richardson passed away at only 45 years old after suffering a major head injury caused by a skiing accident. She left behind her grieving husband Liam Neeson and their two sons, Micheal and Continue Reading

Nick Gordon Interview With Dr. Phil

The Nick Gordon Interview With Dr. Phil Turns Into An Intervention With all of the drama and headlines about Nick Gordon and his relationship and role in the Bobbi Kristina incident, Dr. Phil was sent in to interview him on the situation. Dr. Phil explains that the interview turned into an intervention on the spot. Continue Reading

Drugs Found in Utah Car Accident

Drugs Found in Utah Car Accident In Which Baby Survived For 14 Hours Marijuana, a bottle of Tramadol, and a package of unopened syringes were all drugs found in Utah car accident of Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, which crashed into the Spanish Fork River, killing her, but sparing the life of her 18 month old daughter, Continue Reading

Drunk Secret Service Agents Crash Into A Barrier

Drunk Secret Service Agents Crash Into A White House Barrier White House officials recently issued a statement that Secret Service agents are under investigation yet again by Homeland Security for misconduct. According to the report, two senior agents and a high-ranking member of President Obama’s security team drove a government vehicle into a barricade outside Continue Reading

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Legalizing Marijuana

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Legalizing Marijuana Because It Is Not Legal Federally Marijuana, Is it legal or not? Well, that depends on who you ask and which guidelines they follow. Some states have recently legalized the selling and use of marijuana, but federally marijuana is still illegal. Sheriffs sue Colorado for legalizing marijuana, because it Continue Reading

Jailed Woman Hides Money and Drugs in Her Underwear

Jailed Woman Hides Money and Drugs in Her Underwear In Hopes of Not Being Caught A jailed woman hides money and drugs in her underwear when she was pulled over by the police for a window tint violation on Tuesday evening. Per a Dayton, Ohio police report, T’Asia Shroud was booked into the Montgomery County Continue Reading

Execution of Georgia Woman Postponed

Execution of Georgia Woman Postponed Due to Lethal Injection Drug Problem No one expected to see the title “Execution of Georgia Woman Postponed” due to a problem with the lethal injection drugs. Nevertheless, that is precisely what happened in the case of Kelly Gissendaner, who had received a death sentence for having her boyfriend murder her Continue Reading