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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Pete Doherty Writes About Addiction

Pete Doherty Writes About Addiction and How He Finally Came to His Senses Pete Doherty made quite a name for himself in music and drugs, being one of Hollywood’s most notorious junkies. He was seen everywhere with the late Amy Whinehouse. They denied any rumors about their relationship, but after Amy’s death, Pete came forward Continue Reading

Girl Born with Fetal Alcohol Disorder Wants to Sue Mom

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Kids Health explains that women who drink alcohol during pregnancy are risking the possibility that a child will be born with physical and mental health deficiencies that could have been prevented. In Britain, a seven year old girl has asked for Continue Reading

Weight Loss: Healthy Habit or Drug Abuse?

Losing weight is a challenge for many people throughout the United States, and many can become frustrated when they plateau on their weight loss journey. Weight loss pills are available to help people reduce their weight and maintain the weight that they have lost, but these pills have a variety of side effects that people Continue Reading

Newest Drug Trafficking Hub is Argentina

How Did Argentina Become the Newest Drug Trafficking Hub? When mentioning drug hubs or locales of drug in South American, Argentina was never at the top of this list. Argentina may have been used as a pass through country, making occasional stops along the routine to deport drugs. For the most part Argentina has remained Continue Reading

Prescription drug abuse is a prevalent problem in today’s society, and they are becoming the drug of choice for many addicts. This growing issue was highlighted in San Francisco during the last week of October, when a man robbed two pharmacies at gunpoint. The man demanded prescription medications from the pharmacies, which were located in Continue Reading