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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Michaela Diemer Struggled With Alcohol Her Entire Life

The 31-year-old Found Dead After A Month-long Search, Michaela Diemer Struggled With Alcohol The body of 31 one year old Michaela Diemer was found on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, a month after she was reported missing. After her death, her parents explained the tragic struggle she had with alcoholism. In fact, her last days alive Continue Reading

Icann Underfire for Illegal Online Drug Sales

Illegal Online Drug Sales Continue Even After the FDA and Other Companies Report Them   With an estimate of over 36 million Americans buying prescription drugs online, without a prescription, the FDA is taking action. The FDA and other companies are running into a huge problem. How do you track down and regulate illegal online Continue Reading

The Dangers of Street Drugs: Misnamed Drugs

Misnamed Drugs Creates Extreme Dangers on the Streets There has been an alarming new trend emerging from the drug scene. Misnamed drugs are being sold everywhere. Police have noticed an increase in reports of people buying a certain drug and receiving something completely different. Police are now trying to create an overall awareness for this Continue Reading

Eric Holder Resigns, Is that Good or Bad in the World of Drugs?

Eric Holder Resigns: Drug Policy Advocates Expressed Disappointment Eric Holder resigns from his position, once his replacement is found. With this announcement made at the end of September, policy advocates are upset. From drug policy advocates to criminal justice advocates, everyone is wondering who will replace Eric Holder? Another big question is, will his replacement Continue Reading

Do You Need Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab?

Choosing the right rehab facility when dealing with drug or alcohol abuse is the key to successful recovery. The first decision most patients have to make when selecting rehab is whether they will seek inpatient or outpatient treatment. Both have their benefits and drawbacks that need to be considered. Benefits of Inpatient Treatment Inpatient treatment Continue Reading

Best Man Dies of Overdose After Reception

Best Man Dies of Overdose at His Brother’s Wedding On September 19, 2010, the Poti family was devastated. They found out that Nicholas Poti had died of a drug overdose. Just the day before Nicholas was the best man at his older brother’s wedding. This sad incident of the best man dies of overdose is Continue Reading

Why Short-Term Addiction Treatment Doesn't Work

Seeking treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be an important part of reaching personal goals; however, the treatment program that is appropriate for each individual can depend on the situation. Although a short-term treatment plan can provide the first steps toward recovery, it is possible to relapse after completing the treatment. It Continue Reading

Common Underlying Mental Health Issues in Addiction

Addiction is a disease that must be considered in context. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, nearly 9 million Americans struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health problems. Dealing with addiction and another mental health issue is often called a “dual diagnosis” in treatment settings. Despite being very common, dual diagnosis situations Continue Reading

5 Ways Addiction Ruins You Financially

Substance abuse causes a variety of complications and problems for families. Among the concerns that may arise when you or a loved one abuses drugs or alcohol is the risk of financial challenges. The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that addictions cost the nation as a whole roughly $484 billion per year. Recognizing how Continue Reading

1 Million Dollar Lottery Winner Charged With Drug Trafficking

1 Million Dollar Lottery Winner Charged With Drug Trafficking and More Gary L. Bond, 32, a carpenter, was arrested in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Bond had just won $1 million dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket in August. Police found a marijuana growing operation and 21 grams of cocaine in his apartment. Bond was arrested and Continue Reading