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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Son of Robert Downey Jr., Indio Downey, Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case

Son of Robert Downey Jr., Indio Downey, Enters a Drug Diversion Program   Indio Downey, son of Robert Downey Jr. was arrested back in June for possessing cocaine. It was a routine traffic stop. Indio was a passenger in the car. No one else in the car was arrested, just Indio for possession of cocaine. This Continue Reading

Drugs Feed Depression: A Vicious, Ongoing Cycle

Drugs Feed Depression, Depression Feeds The Need For Drugs   Depression is a mood disorder that causes you to feel emotionally unbalanced or commonly, to have a lack of interest in anything. It goes way beyond a disorder. Depression can attack once or it can be an ongoing battle. Imagine having a hole inside of Continue Reading

Prison Worker Smuggles Drugs Into Aramark Prison

Tragic Drug Smuggling Incident at Aramark Prison; Prison Worker Smuggles Drugs In   Aramark Prison Worker Smuggles DrugsOn September 16, 2014, an unidentified food service worker who was employed at the Aramark prison was caught smuggling marijuana into the facility. Five prisoners were found to also have cocaine, heroin, and tobacco in their possession. A total Continue Reading

Reggie Rice, the Robin Hood Drug Dealer Dies

Robin Hood Drug Dealer Dies and the Community Mourns Reggie Rice, known as the Robin Hood drug dealer in Louisville, passed away on Sunday September 7th, 2014 reportedly due to complications of cancer. It was reported that Rice was not the typical drug dealer as he would do good deeds, such as buying backpacks and Continue Reading

Prisoner Overdoses on Methadone-soaked Underwear

Prisoner Overdoses on Methadone soaked Underwear and Dies   It’s tempting to lose hope when we read news items about the lengths addicts will go to when seeking their next high. Instead of giving in to despair, try to use these sad instances as life lessons, as predictive tools that show you what awaits at Continue Reading

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert Vineberg’s Arrest and Release

The Connection between Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert Vineberg   Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away on February 2, 2014 due to an overdose of mixed cocktail of heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and benzodiazepines. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s head medical correspondent stated at the time that addicts who consume mixed drugs like that on a regular Continue Reading