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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford; Slick or Sick?

An Admitted Alcoholic Those who watch Jane Velez-Mitchell know she is in recovery, and she has no bones about admitting she is an alcoholic. Indeed, Ms. Velez-Mitchell, at 18 years of continuous sobriety, is a stunning example of the positive changes that can happen for all of us when we began to learn to change our Continue Reading

Bar Breathalyzer

Belly Up and Breathe! Those who have teetered on the edge, trying to decide if they are safe to drive or not, now have an option to take away the guesswork – and the possibility of a free night in jail.  Entrepreneur and student, Jason Knott, nearly had a DUI when he decided it was Continue Reading

Chicago Tobacco Crackdown

City of Chicago getting Tough on Smokers, E-cigs included Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants Illinois smokers to curb their nasty habit by adding another 75 cent per pack tax to cigarettes and further regulating e-cigarettes. This new tax is added to the dollar increase passed in March. The new tax will bring the overall tax Continue Reading