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Monthly Archives: September 2013

More Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Drugs

Illness and Death Linked to Synthetic Marijuana in Colorado Senate Caucus to Address these Dangerous Drugs There were at least 150 sickened, and three deaths linked to synthetic Marijuana in Colorado, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These alarming figures give credence to the fact that Continue Reading

Safe Travels: How to Stay Clean When Traveling After Rehab

For someone who has recently come out of rehab, traveling might seem like just too great a risk for a relapse If you’ve previously struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may equate traveling with hard partying and blurry memories of unfamiliar locales. Unfortunately, some recovering addicts may not have the option of simply Continue Reading

How Effective Are Drug Detection Dogs?

For anyone struggling with an addiction to an illegal substance, it’s not just the physical and physiological symptoms of addiction that they have to contend with… it’s also the fact that there can be harsh consequences for being caught (often publicly) with an illegal drug. And one thing they might wonder about is how effective Continue Reading

Teens: Ways to Avoid Drug Use While Facing Peer Pressure

There have been countless news stories and psychology studies looking at how people are at their most susceptible to peer pressure when they’re in their teens, and there are just as many anti-drug campaigns aimed at this demographic. Scientists suggest that we’re most susceptible to peer pressure when we’re teens because at this age, we Continue Reading

Mail-Order your Brews - Is this the Solution, Really?

Imagine a world where instead of a trek to the liquor store, one could simply wait at home for the daily mail to stock up on one’s favorite brew. This idea may have crossed the minds of many a drinker on house arrest or one who is otherwise prevented from stocking up due to an Continue Reading

Not your Mamma’s Bracelet

Ankle bracelets are worn by women of all ages as a summertime fashion accessory, but there is one type of ankle bracelet that men wear as well, though most are not exactly happy about it. Called a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor ), this device is yet another tool in the battle to keep Continue Reading

How Can Your Primary Care Physician Help Before and After Rehab?

Your primary care physician can play a huge role in the diagnosis, treatment of, and recovery from an addiction problem. Many times, a primary care physician is the first one to identify that there is a serious problem and is the catalyst for a patient going to rehab. So how exactly can your doctor help Continue Reading

Trends in Addiction Rehab: New Rehabilitation Practices

For years, whether your specific problem led you to luxury alcoholism rehab or some other kind of residential drug rehab facility, the treatment was likely to be the same – some version of a 12-step program that was created decades ago by people who were (at best) on the fringes of the scientific and medical Continue Reading

Legalized Marijuana

Illinois has recently passed legislation to become one of 20 states that currently supports decriminalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Although the law doesn’t go into effect until January 2014, one clinic has already opened it’s doors to potential users in order to establish a “prior relationship” with clients before they may be Continue Reading

Newborn Withdrawal from Opiates

With the increase in opiate prescriptions over the last decade, it’s a given that many become addicted to what their doctors prescribe. Add to that an overall increase in those who find their opiates on the street, and you may get an idea of the scope of this serious problem. But alongside those moms-to-be facing Continue Reading