1 Million Dollar Lottery Winner Charged With Drug Trafficking

1 million dollar lottery winner charged with drug trafficking1 Million Dollar Lottery Winner Charged With Drug Trafficking and More

Gary L. Bond, 32, a carpenter, was arrested in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Bond had just won $1 million dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket in August. Police found a marijuana growing operation and 21 grams of cocaine in his apartment. Bond was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, trafficking in cocaine, possession of oxycontin, and conspiracy to violate drug laws. Bond’s girlfriend, Fritzlaine Liautaud, was also arrested and charged with the same offenses. Police are also planning to charge the couple with growing marijuana.The arresting officers stated they also found the marijuana growing operation in Bond’s bedroom. The room was filled with a tent with marijuana plants, grow lights, plastic pots, and potting soil. Police also confiscated $770 in a pair of Bond’s pants. More money, cell phones, and brass knuckles were also found in the couple’s apartment.

Patten, the Assistant District Attorney said police executed a search at the apartment on Wednesday morning. They based the warrant on two sting “buys” that were set up. He said police had received complaints of drugs being sold out of Bond’s apartment.The Massachusetts State Lottery website states that Bond won a $1 million prize on Aug. 20th, 2014 and cashed in $650,000 before taxes.

The 1 million dollar lottery winner charged with drug trafficking is facing serious charges. Not only were Bond and his girlfriend growing marijuana and selling drugs, they were abusing government assistance. A court official stated that the government was paying for Bond’s apartment. The couple also had EBT cards with their names on them. EBT stands for electronic benefit transfer. This allows people in need to use an electronic form of payment, instead of dealing with paper food stamps or vouchers. “Her boyfriend, Mr. Bond, was the lucky winner of a $1 million scratch ticket,” Patten, Assistant District Attorney said. “What’s shocking is that they are both on housing assistance and both have EBT cards in their names that were seized by police.”

Bond the father of 2 children, told the lottery committee that he planned to buy a new home with some of his money. That clearly was not the case. Bond also took full responsibility for the drugs and distribution. He claimed his girlfriend had nothing to do with the activities.

According to a police report, Bond was convicted in May of 2006. Bond was charged with a similar offense before and was sentenced to 18 months in jail. Bond’s girlfriend, Fritzlaine Liautaud, has a long criminal record in the system. She was conviction in 2009 for assault and battery on a public employee. She received a 90-day suspended sentence. Patten said that in 2007, Liautaud was guilty of assault and battery and was sentenced to six month suspension. She violated her probation and in 2008 was sentenced to six months in jail. Her record goes on and on with criminal offenses.

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