Halloween Warning for Parents in Missouri After Discovery of Drug Laced Candy

Pumpkins are a sign of Halloween and tick or treating. Hopefully no one gets drug laced candy.Halloween is right around the corner, and kids are already thinking about what to dress up as. But Missouri reports of drug laced candy have some parents worried about this year’s trick or treating. However, with some forethought and awareness you can make sure your kids have a fun and safe evening.

Accompany Your Kids

Taking your kids out yourself when they go trick or treating is one good way to keep their goodies safe, as perpetrators might be more hesitant to slip kids something when they are obviously accompanied by an adult. While small children will most likely be chaperoned anyway, older kids might persist and want to go out alone. But try to make sure they always have an adult walking the block to play guard. Or, if the child has an older sibling that can act responsibly, send him or her in your stead.

Only Accept Wrapped Candy

Most candy that has been altered will be re wrapped in a new wrapper, making it easier to spot. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure you only allow your children to accept pre wrapped candies. That means unwrapped things like caramel apples or cupcakes, while tasty, should be avoided when offered by a stranger. Many people are realizing this and only offering wrapped candies anyway, or going another route and offering inedible treats, like small toys or gift vouchers to get an ice cream at a local shop.

Trick or Treat at Homes You Know

If you want to feel really at ease, make a point to only take your kids trick or treating to homes that you are familiar with. While it can be difficult to know the owner at every house on a given street, you can stick to neighborhoods that you are familiar with and where you know a number of the residents. This can give you a good idea of what houses to avoid and you will see some friendly faces, people that can let you know if there is any spot to stay away from.

Inspect the Goodies

Once you get home with the kids, the most important step occurs–it is paramount that you inspect every piece of candy your child has collected. This might seem tedious, especially with the little ones hammering for a piece, but it is a necessary step. Look over the pieces for any rips or punctures in the wrapper, where the candy might have been laced with something. Anything that looks suspicious, throw out. And make sure the kids do not sample any of the candy as they are walking around from door to door, as you want the chance to look the candy over before they start snacking. Halloween is a fun time of year for little ones, but it is also important that they remain safe while having their fun. With a bit of patience you can make sure the candy they collect is safe to eat, and everyone can have an enjoyable and memorable holiday.

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